Our mission is to change the world through love.

To acknowledge God’s love is, for each of us, a life-changing event. As followers of Jesus, we share God’s love for all people, and work together to make our world a better place, one life at a time.


We gather in our community to experience God's love.

  • We gather as a diverse people to worship God and nurture each other.
  • We gather for worship in a setting where we expect and hope to encounter the presence of God's love.
  • We gather to heal and to forgive.
  • We gather for shared meals, fellowship, and learning.
  • We gather to grow in God's love so we can show God's love to the world.

We reach out to our community to share God's love.

Mission and Vision 500
  • We reach out to offer God's love to all.
  • Our invitation is to "Come as you are" to gather and serve.
  • We are an inclusive, reconciling congregation, welcoming all.
  • We are active in our community and our building is a resource for the community.

  • We serve our community to demonstrate God's love.

    • We work for justice.
    • We advocate for mercy.
    • We humbly dare to love all people.
    • We are inspired by God's love to serve our community and change the world.

    Our facility is a resource for love and service to the community.

    • Our facility is a community asset, the seat of activity for our love and service.
    • We maintain our facility to house our gathering, outreach, and service to others.
    • Our facility is available to groups whose mission and vision align with ours.
    • Partnership with outside groups should promote justice, acts of mercy, and humble acts of service to the community.
    • Revenue from these partnerships can be used to maintain our facility as the base of our shared mission.