Our fall Sunday School classes will begin on September 9, 2018! Sunday school classes are offered each Sunday at 10am.

Dr. Dean Simpson, Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Richmond will lead a class on the Theology of Karl Barth, arguably the greatest theologian of the 20th century. The class will review a chapter about Barth in The Great Theologians and then move to a study of some of Barth's sermons delivered to prisoners entitled Deliverance to the Captives. If you would like to order that book, you can use this information: Publisher, Wiph & Stock Publishers; Reprint edition, ISBN 10:1608999521.

Robb Stottlemyer will lead a class in an in depth study of the parables of Jesus, following up the survey we did this summer. If you would like to order the book for this class it is titled Short Stories by Jesus by Amy-Jill Levine. ISBN 978-0-06-156103-0.

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