Theatre on the Mount

THEATRE ON THE MOUNT is Centenary UMC’s new drama ministry designed to allow people the opportunity to experience the joy of acting onstage first hand. Led by former professional actors Benjamin Toro and Carri Platt, Theatre on the Mount gives our players the chance to discover and share their God given talents and abilities with their fellow actors and the Centenary community. Presenting both sacred and secular productions, the ministry’s goal is not simply to entertain, but to present the lessons God teaches us though the medium of theatre and to encourage fellowship though the art of stagecraft. Everyday stories, be they comedic or dramatic, can reveal so much about our relationships with each other. They can allow us to laugh together, think together, and maybe even move us to positive action in faith. It is our hope that Theatre on the Mount will continue Centenary’s great tradition in the arts by returning theatrical performance to our community. So whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the stage or if it’s just something you’ve always wanted to try, then come join us!