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United Methodists believe baptism is a sacrament through which we receive God’s grace, are initiated into the family of God, are marked as followers of Jesus Christ, and receive a call to be in ministry and mission in the world. United Methodists practice infant baptism because we believe that grace is a gift given to all of us unconditionally, regardless of our ability to respond to that gift of grace. At infant baptism, parents and the congregation pledge to nurture a child in Christian faith and to support them throughout their faith journey from beginning to end. Our hope is that persons baptized as infants will confirm their faith. This usually involves attending confirmation classes and going through the ritual of confirmation with the congregation.

Adults who have not been baptized as infants and are making a profession of faith for the first time are also baptized. Sometimes, an adult who has been baptized but perhaps not been active in the church, desires to renew their commitment to Christ and the church. United Methodists believe baptism is an unrepeatable act because God’s grace was present in that act, even if that occurred when a person was an infant. In those cases, we work with adults to assist them in renewing their baptismal vows and making a new start with Christ and the church. If you have questions about the baptism of an infant, baptism for yourself, or renewing your baptismal vows, please contact the pastor. To read more follow this link: