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CUMC Statement Regarding Marriage and Weddings:

At Centenary UMC we believe that all persons are beloved children of God and entitled to full participation in all aspects of church life.  Further we believe that marriage is a gift of God for all people regardless of age, religious affiliation, race, sexual orientation or gender identity. In preparing persons for marriage our pastors seek to equip them for a lifelong, loving, covenantal and flourishing relationship.  We also believe that through that relationship they may learn to love God, themselves and one another in deeper and more meaningful ways thus moving toward John Wesley’s ideal of being perfected in love.

Unfortunately, while we believe LGBTQ weddings are in agreement with the United Methodist understanding of marriage, due to the current Discipline of the United Methodist Church and stance of the leadership of the Virginia Annual Conference we are unable to conduct these weddings without exposing our pastors to legal persecution and loss of employment and/or credentials.  We earnestly yearn, and will continue to advocate, for the day when the United Methodist Church will recognize all God’s children as equally valuable and we will be able to bless our LGBTQ  brothers and sisters with the opportunity to celebrate their marriages in our sanctuary.

If you are a current church member seeking to be married at Centenary, please contact the church office for more information.