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We at Centenary United Methodist Church congratulate you on your engagement and upcoming wedding! Thank you for thinking of us as part of your plans for this memorable occasion.


In the United Methodist tradition, a wedding ceremony is a service of worship involving the couple and the gathered congregation in an act of solemn covenant. In the context of Christian worship, a service of Christian marriage is a public declaration of the intention to live in a lifelong commitment of love, mutual support, and fidelity.

A Christian marriage service, therefore, acknowledges and celebrates the gift of human love between the couple while calling on God for help and grace to sustain that love regardless of the joys, sorrows, successes, or failures that life may bring. In our tradition, husband and wife are viewed as equal partners in a relationship intending to place God’s love at the center of all things, so that by this union others are blessed.


It is your responsibility to review the following Wedding Policies and to discuss them with all members of your wedding party especially your florist and photographer so there will not be any misunderstandings. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Nealley, the administrative assistant, at 804-648-8319 or email admin@centumc.org.

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  1. Please contact the church office to inquire about the availability of your desired date. Please note that weddings for non-members may be scheduled up to one year prior to the requested date. We also encourage non-members to visit us during one of our Sunday morning worship services. 
  2. Please read the Wedding Policies and fill out a Wedding Information Form. (Downloads available below) Once the date is agreed upon and a form has been completed, we can put the wedding on our church calendar. At this time, a non-refundable deposit of $150 is required to secure the date. 
  3. Wedding ceremonies at Centenary must be conducted by an ordained minister and approval must be obtained from Centenary UMC for outside clergy. 
  4. A Centenary Wedding Coordinator is required for all weddings. This coordinator will be assigned to assist you with your wedding preparations. She will be available to show you the church, answer your questions and assist you with the rehearsal and the ceremony by managing the wedding party from the back of the church.
  5. To schedule a meeting with Stan Baker, our Director of Music and Organist, please contact him preferably by email dirmusic@centumc.org or call the church office at 804-648-8319. The “traditional” wedding marches (Here Comes the Bride by Wagner and the Wedding March by Mendelssohn) are not used at Centenary because of their commercial and secular associations. A list of music selections recommended by Mr. Baker will be provided. If you plan to have a soloist during the ceremony, only sacred selections may be used.
  6. Two weeks before your wedding, arrange to have your marriage license delivered to the church if Centenary’s minister is officiating at the ceremony. At this time, all fees must be paid and mailed to the Administrative Assistant. Please make your check payable to Centenary United Methodist Church.
  7. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the building and surrounding grounds.


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Our Director of Music/Organist is Stan Baker, and you will need to contact him to choose the music for your wedding and to confirm with him the dates and times of the rehearsal and wedding. Please note that Mr. Baker is not available before 6:00 p.m. on Friday evenings. His base fee is $350.00 (payable to him) and has first refusal for your wedding. If another organist is used, he/she must be approved by Mr. Baker. Email dirmusic@centumc.org.


Your Centenary Wedding Coordinator will assist you throughout the process and coordinate the rehearsal. The Centenary Wedding Coordinator’s fees are:

Rehearsal and Wedding $100.00



The Facility Manager will give you access to the church and will prepare the appropriate rooms for your use. His fees are:

Rehearsal and Wedding $600.00


SP+ manages our parking lot behind the church. For a large wedding, it is recommended to hire a parking attendant.
There is a 3 hour minimum for $45, with $15/hour for each additional hour.

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Flash photography will not be allowed in the sanctuary during the ceremony. We ask that you do not stand on the chancel rail cushions at any time. If the ceremony is to be videotaped, the video camera must be in a stationary position. Video cameras shall be restricted to designated areas as indicated by the wedding director. Please remember that any recording and photography should be unobtrusive in order to maintain focus on the worship service.


The marriage license should be secured from the Office of the Clerk in the city or county where the bride resides. If Centenary’s minister is officiating the ceremony, the license must be brought to the church office two weeks prior to the wedding.


The church will provide a pair of candelabra for your use if you desire them. The church will also provide the candles.


If you want the bells rung for your wedding, contact your Wedding Coordinator.


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Wedding program covers may be purchased at most religious bookstores. If you need Centenary’s Administrative Assistant to type and print The Order of Worship, three weeks notice needs to be given. A check payable to Centenary United Methodist Church in the amount of $100.00 needs to be paid for this service.


A runner is required only if real flowers are to be scattered for the processional. The runner needs to be provided by your florist.


The altar is the focal point of every service of worship in the sanctuary. If you decide to decorate the pews, pipe cleaners or rubber bands must be used to attach the flowers. Please do not use nails, tacks or tape. If your wedding takes place on a Friday or a Saturday, you may leave your altar arrangement for use on Sunday. Please let the Administrative Assistant know immediately if you choose to leave them. Please note that artificial flowers are not permitted. The real flowers represent the living Christ.


If your wedding is held during certain times of the church calendar year such as Advent, Lent and Easter, our seasonal decorations will not be removed for the wedding rehearsal or the wedding service.


The church office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. If the florist or others need access to the church, please call the office a week in advance to arrange for an appointment. The church will be open two hours prior to the wedding to provide time for decorating the sanctuary and for the bridal party to prepare for the ceremony. If you need more time, speak with your Wedding Coordinator; however, you will be responsible for an additional fee of $50.00 per hour for the Facility Manager’s time.

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Any property belonging to the florist, photographer or others should be removed from the church after the ceremony so the church can be left in good order. No tacks, nails, or tape may be used anywhere in the church.


Centenary’s parking lot is located behind the church at the corner of 4th and East Franklin Streets. It holds approximately 80 vehicles. If you are having a large wedding, we suggest you hire a lot attendant for a minimum of three hours. Please call the Administrative Assistant a month in advance so she can make those arrangements. The check needs to be payable to SP+ for the correct amount and given to the Administrative Assistant two weeks in advance.


Matthew D. Bates, Senior Pastor
Stan Baker, Organist/Minister of Music
Vikki Brock, Wedding Coordinator
Mary Sue Sanderlin, Wedding Coordinator
Laura Nealley, Administrative Assistant
Al Richardson, Facilities Manager

Download our Wedding Information Form

Download our Wedding Organ Music Repertoire List